Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its been awhile but Ive been busy...

I have failed to tend to my blog but I have been busy making soaps.  Just a real quick post to show you a couple of the successes in my soap making endeavors.

A couple of my Holiday scents are Warm Vanilla Sugar which I really like! I love the way it turned out.  With the colors and the swirls.  If you are a soapmaker then you know it doesn't always come out as you plan.  This would be the experience of my next holiday soap.

This is my Warm Vanilla Sugar and smells delightful!

The next is a soap that didn't quite turn out the way Id hoped as far as the color goes.  Its nice, just not as colorful as I would have liked.  Still the smell is amazing! The next is my Holiday Pomegranate.

My next holiday scent has become my daughters favorite.  She came home from college at Thanksgiving and after her first shower came downstairs and said "WHAT is the scent of that soap in my bathroom?!"  I couldn't even remember what I had placed there, so asked her to describe it to me.  So yea, it's a nice one that turned out not too bad.  Brown Sugar Fig would be the name of this soap.

So there you have it, my holiday scents thus far.  I just made a couple more today and I'll try to be more dilligent about posting on my blog. :)

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