Monday, August 15, 2011

This weeks YAYS! and whoes :(

So this week I made 3 different batches of soap.  I always get so excited when Im making a new batch and am so anxious to unmold it the next day and cut it.  So the first batch I made this week was a YAY! I decided I wanted to make a bar with Activated Charcoal and scented with Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint.  I kinda wanted a frothy top just so it wouldn't be all grey so i used Titanium Oxide for the top and Activated Charcoal in the lower part.  I can't wait to try it! It looks kinda cool and smells really good!  I also used a new Silicone mold from Natures Garden which I adore! Decided that is the way Im going to go as far as molds go, I will definately be getting more! This is my Activated Charcoal batch...

Pretty, right?

My next batch was a whoe, and not "whoa"! Although somewhat comical at my expense.  So recently I purchased new fragrance oils from Natures Garden Candle and Soap Supplies.  Two of which are Sparkling Mojito and Pink Berry Mimosa.  So here is how my fail went down.  I decided I would use the Pink Berry Mimosa for my fragrance and I was going to add Lime (you will understand at the end lol).  Of course with the lime I decided to use my citrus green coloring because I didn't have a good Pink choice.  Of course at this time it didn't dawn on me that maybe Lime wouldn't be a good choice with a Pink Berry fragrance.  Anyway, I used an awkward shoe box for the mold which I discovered was awkward when I had to cut it, but whatever.  I did a swirl with the true Citrus Green along with the green mixed with a portion of the soap that I lightened with Titanium Oxide. Then I also made some with just white.  All that turned out not bad, not great but not bad.  The next day I cut the bars and had it out on my kitchen counter.  A day went by and every time I passed that soap I felt like something just wasn't right.  It wasn't until the second day that I was in the kitchen looking at the bars, smelling them and thinking about the name of the fragrance that it HIT me! Mimosas are not Green and don't have Lime in them!  You see Iam not a drinker and while I pretty much know the names of basic drinks at the time of making my soap I had a "brain fart" and thought Green and Lime.  So I realized that what I meant to fragrance it with was Mojito! So it will be a wonderful bar of soap for my family to use, aren't they lucky!

My final batch so far this week has been my favorite.  Its simple, no color added (thought it best to avoid color this time) and made with only 3 oils, the largest percentage being Olive Oil.  It was 70% Olive Oil, 20% Coconut Oil and 10% Castor Oil.  I used another Natures Garden fragrance oil Honeysuckle Blossom, which I love! It turned out the be the best one for this batch, the olive oil gave it a natural creamy yellow color.  This is probably my favorite thus far :)
Also Ive decided to follow Sharon's advice from OB Soaps and take my photos outside.  I think she's on to something with that.  I really like the natural light and the way it shows off the soap! So thanks for that great tip Sharon! Im a newbie and I'll take all the advice I can get! :)

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