Monday, August 1, 2011

Yay for successful soaping!

So this last week I had to make another batch of Goat Milk Soap because I was running out of stock.  I have friends that rely on it and cannot run out! So last week I made a batch that ended in ultimate fail! I did a couple things different that I had done preciously which I think was probably a big mistake.  I ended up with complete separation! First time ever! So I brought out the crock pot and decided to try and salvage it by cooking it.  This would have worked fine if I hadn't left it and it got a bit too hot, which gave it a roasted scent, (no scent added).  I had a friend that really needed some so I brought it to her hoping the scent wouldn't be repulsive and thankfully she liked it!  So anyway this past Sunday I had to make a new batch and it turned out fabulously! 

With this batch I added a tsp of Titanium Dioxide which lightened it up a bit, and I added Colloidal Oats for exfoliate.  I cannot wait to use this soap! Its so creamy!

The next batch I made was a Coco Butter soap, with Veg Shortening, Olive Oil, and Castor Oil.  I scented it with Gardenia and Lime and a touch of Champagne, it turned out heavenly! I wanted to use my Chromium Oxide for the green and then I wanted a touch of yellow and some white.  The marbling turned out a little different than I planned however I kind of like it.  And the soap is so creamy and silky, I love the way it turned out!  I feel like with each batch I am getting so much closer to a great looking bar of soap and maybe even a little closer to a work of art. 

That of course is my goal.  To create a soap that is silky, and creamy awesomeness for you skin and yet creative and artsy to look at.  There is so much inspiration out there!

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