Monday, June 27, 2011

Successful batch with stick blender

So since this whole stick blender was new to me I knew I had to conquer, and make another batch of soap.  My next batch was again mostly vegetable shortening, large amount of cocoa butter and small amounts of castor oil and olive oil.  I decided I wanted to give the whole "swirl" thing another try so I colored 1/2 the batch with pink.  My scent was going to be pink grapefruit, with a hint of honeysuckle and champagne.  The smell was pretty fabulous!,  and I was pleased with the color.  It didn't trace nearly as quickly as the first batch.  So while I said I liked the color right after adding it, after 24 hours I wasn't as pleased.

Not too bad, but I'm hoping it will calm down just a little after it cures more.  Also I noticed it is getting a little ashy on the top.  I realize this is only cosmetic and won't at all affect the quality of the soap, however it bothers me. 

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