Sunday, July 17, 2011

Exciting Soap day for me!

Today I woke up anxious to get to making soap.  I just recieved an order from Bramble Berry on Friday with some new stuff that I could not wait to get into!

So I knew I wanted to make Shea Butter soap and scent it with my new Coconut Lemongrass along with a touch of Lime.  So I did this, even attempted a swirl.  We will see how that turned out tomorrow, but I think it will be nice enough.  Certainly not the level that I see in some of you amazing Soap artist out there, but hey Im getting there.  I will post pics of that tomorrow as I didn't get a pre-insulation photo, not sure what I was thinking.

After I got that batch in the oven, I just couldn't not stand the idea of not doing another smaller batch. Decided this time to use some Patchouli that I got at the Health store close by. Since I wasn't real found of the scent by itself I tried adding some BB's Orange EO and I liked it! So I decided on a Coco Butter recipe for this which also called for Coconut Milk. Brought the temps way down on both the Lye and oils before putting them together, Im actually not sure if it is a true "Whipped Soap" but it was very whipped!

I love it! It is so creamy and poufy! I almost wish I had added color, but I couldn't decide what to color it with.  I would love any imput that you all might have to help this amateur soap maker.  Everytime I see some of your blogs and all your beautiful soaps I get inspired.  Sometimes I wish I didn't have another job and could do this more than just Sundays.  Maybe I'll have to come home from work and make soap instead of dinner.  Wonder how that would go over, hmmm? Yea, I don't think it would.

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